Terms of Use
The ‘MyFiles’ Service enables Greater Victoria School District staff
to access their files remotely over the internet. In using this
service, you accept these Terms of Use and agree to abide by

1. MyFiles is only available to active employees of Greater
Victoria School District. Unauthorized use of MyFiles is strictly

2. All files are the property of the Greater Victoria School District
and are subject to provisions under the Freedom of Information
and Protection of Privacy Act (FIOPPA)

3. Employees of the Greater Victoria School District are
responsible for all usage of their accounts and, therefore, must
keep their passwords confidential.

4. Usage of MyFiles must be in accordance with Policy
1300 – “Acceptable Use of District Technology and Networked
Information” and Regulation 4216.2 – “Employee Acceptable Use
of Electronic Communications Systems in Schools”

Some general advice:
• It is safest to use this service when accessing it from a GVSD
owned or personal device. If you use MyFiles from a public
computer, do not access sensitive data (because when you open
a file, a copy is often stored on the local computer)

• When you are finished using MyFiles, please be certain that you
have fully logged off.

• Do not try to upload/download very large files (over 100MB).
They may take an extremely long time depending on your current
internet connection.

• If you have any technical issues accessing the service, please
submit a Help Desk ticket detailing the problem.

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